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Newborn Diapers

**As of 8/1/2015, Miny Moe is currently on Maternity Leave, carrying only Pacifer & Nursing Pad Samplers until further notice. We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience!!!**

It can be extremely hard and frustrating to find the best brand of diapers for your newborn baby, and most brands do not provide diaper samples. So what's a parent to do? Shop at Miny Moe, of course!!

Miny Moe's disposable diaper samplers help you to find the best diaper brand for your baby. We carry the following top brands of diapers in various variety packs:

  • Big Name Diaper Brands: Pampers®, HUGGIES®
  • Budget Diaper Brands: Luvs®, Target Up & Up®, Walmart Parent's Choice
  • Green Diaper Brands: The Honest Company, Earth's Best®, Seventh Generation®, Naty® by Nature Babycare

Find the best fit for your baby with our diaper samplers – say goodbye to:

  • leaky diapers   /  diaper rash  /  diaper blowouts  /  wasting time and money on ill-fitting diapers

Looking for the best budget-friendly generic diapers, the best eco-friendly diapers, or the best baby shower gifts? We've gotcha covered! Don't forget to check out our nursing pad variety packs and newborn pacifier sampler!

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